GPDNet Exhibition

The Korea Foundation hosts the photograph exhibition on a story of Tam Thanh, a small fishing village in Tam Ky, Vietnam seen through the eyes of five photographers. The exhibition illustrates the changes into a beautiful village of murals through collaboration among Korean painters, Korean and Vietnamese volunteers, and local residents. Motivated by Korea’s mural villages, the Korea Foundation carried out a joint art exchange project between Vietnam and Korea. Under the project, Korean mural artists, Korean and Vietnamese volunteers, local residents, and art teachers depicted the seaside scenery and local people on walls in pastel colors under the scorching heat of over 35 degrees Celsius. As a result, the village of about 120 houses turned into a new, lively place with about 70 small and large murals. Thanks to the collaboration among GPDNet members, five photographers from Korea, Turkey, and the Philippines were sent to Tam Thanh to take pictures of the changing village, the life of local residents, the peaceful seaside scenery, and the volunteers’ hard work and friendship.

 The opening ceremony of the photo exhibition <Bright, Passionate, Beautiful! Art for a Better Place>, which was hosted in cooperation with the member institutions of GPDNet, an association of leading public diplomacy organizations around the world, was held at the KF Gallery on Thursday, January 5, 2017.

 The exhibition features photographs taken by five photographers from Korea, Turkey and the Philippines in 2016 on the scene of a mural village project implemented in the small Vietnamese fishing village of Tam Thanh.

The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Korea Foundation President Sihyung Lee, which was followed by congratulatory remarks by Turkey Yunus Emre Institute President Şeref Ateş.

The exhibition <Bright, Passionate, Beautiful! Art for a Better Place> continued until Tuesday, January 24th at the KF Gallery.


No.DateTimeSide Programs
12017.1.6(Fri)19:00-20:30Photographers Talk with the public on their photography
22017.1.11(Wed)19:00-20:00Curators’ talk with the public on the exhibition
32017.1.18(Wed)15:00-18:00Workshop for the youth to make a Sustainable World
42017.1.23(Mon)19:00-20:00Lecture of Lee Gang-jun: Public art in Korea and mural painting project in Vietnam



Korea            Noh Gihoon, Lim Miju

Turkey       Alper Tasci, Mehmet Bayram

Philippines  Marvin Alcaraz