The 1st Meeting of Global Public Diplomacy Network Assembly


October 23(Thursday), 2014

09:30-09:45       Opening Ceremony [Crystal Hall, 2F]                              

                        · Opening Remarks 
                          Hyun-seok Yu, President, Korea Foundation
                        · Congratulatory Remarks            
                          Dong-ik Shin, Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs, ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

09:45-09:50       MoU Signing Ceremony             
                        · Group Photo

09:50-10:10       Intermission

10:10-12:00       GPDNet Conference
                          ‘Public Diplomacy for Contributing to Global Society’
                          Today, nations compete with one another to maximize their own national interests in the realm of public diplomacy.
                          However, if we limit public diplomacy to the boundaries of national interest, another area of competition

                          and conflict may arise just as in hard power politics. 
                          What should we do to devise collaborative, constructive and creative public diplomacy geared toward global public good?

                          What are best practices on the role of  cultural initiatives of each institution?
                        · Moderator
                          Jay Wang, Director, USC Center on Public Diplomacy
                        · Panelists
                          Stefan Dreyer, Executive Director, Goethe Institut in Korea  
                          Martin Fryer, Director, British Council in Korea
                          Hiroyuki Kojima, Director, Japan Foundation in Korea
                         Annika Rembe, Director General, Swedish Institute

12:00-14:00       Luncheon

14:00-15:00       Assembly Meeting
                          · Chair
                          Yongshik Choi, Director, Global Networking Team, Korea Foundation

15:00-18:00       Working Group(WG) Discussion (Parallel sessions)          
                          WG1 Developing GPDNET Joint Projects for Global Common Good
                          What should GPDNET try to broaden the scope of their activities with regard to collaborative projects?

                          How should we cooperate with each other?
                          How can we design the roadmap to implement collaborative projects? This Working Group seeks cooperative models that establish

                          and enhance networks   among GPDNET and discuss a united plan of action.
                          Participants shall reach agreements and transform agreements into concrete strategies, plans, and schedules of joint projects.
                          Taehwan Kim, Professor, Korean National Diplomatic Academy 
                          WG2 Managing Public Diplomacy: Corporations and Governments
                          Obviously, one of the defining characteristics of New Public Diplomacy is the emergence of a variety of civilian actors

                          including corporations as the subject,
                          as well as object, of public diplomacy. Corporations are now a great asset of public diplomacy.

                          How can PD institutions utilize these invaluable assets?
                          Is it desirable for the government to intervene in the realm of public diplomacy?

                          To what extent should the government intervene, and what should be the specific role of the government?
                        · Moderator
                          Pawel Potoroczyn, Director, Adam Mickiewicz Institute

18:30-20:00        Reception          
                           October 24(Friday), 2014
09:00-11:00        Working Group Discussion (Continued)

11:00-12:30        Working Group Presentation
                         · Moderator
                           Caitlin Byrne, Queensland Vice President, Australian Institute of International Affairs

12:30-14:00       Closing Luncheon

14:00-                Free Time

October 25(Saturday), 2014

Tour Events for Participants


– GPDNet Members

Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland)

Pawel Potoroczyn           Director

Marcin Jacoby                 Project Asia Manager

Ewa Paszkowicz             Project Asia Korean Desk

Balassi Institute (Hungary)

Pál Hatos                        General Director

Camões Institute (Portugal)

Cristina Faustino             Head of Cultural Agreements and Cooperation Programmes Unit

Cristina Caetano             Head of External Cultural Activities Unit

Korea Foundation (Korea)

Hyun-seok Yu                 President

Keum-jin Yoon                Executive Vice-President

Yongshik Choi               Director, Global Networking Department

Chung Min Lee               Senior Program Officer, Global Networking Department

National Commission for Culture and the Arts (Phillippines)

Mary Anne Luis              Head, International Office

Jeremy Chan                   Project Development Officer

National Institute for Cultural Orientation (Nigeria)

Barclays Ayakoroma       Executive Secretary / CEO

Louis Eriomala                Director, Lagos Office

Singapore International Foundation (Singapore)

Matthew Lee                  Senior Division Director, Strategic Management Division

Reuben Kwan                 Assistant Director, Corporate Planning

Swedish Institute (Sweden)

Annika Rembe                Director-General

Yunus Emre Institute (Turkey)

Şaban Çobanoğlu            Vice President

– Observers

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (Taiwan)

Tsui-yin Sung                  Chief Secretary

Czech Centres

Michaela Lee                  Head of Seoul Office

Institute Cervantes (Spain)

María José Romero         Corporate Relations Manager

– Presenters and Moderator

Kadir Ayhan                   Academic Coordinator, Istanbul Cultural Center in Korea

Caitlin Byrne                  Queensland Vice President, Australian Institute of International Affairs

Stefan Dreyer                 Executive Director, Goethe-Institut Korea

Martin Fryer                    Director, British Council Korea

Kojima Hiroyuki             Director, Japan Foundation in Seoul

Taehwan Kim                 Professor, Korean National Diplomatic Academy

Dong-ik Shin                  Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs, ROK

Jay Wang                        Director, USC Center on Public Diplomacy