GPDNet Project Proposal and Participation Guideline_KF Apr 01, 2016

Photographs and the Sustainable Development Goals

– Project Proposal & Participation Guideline –

April 2016

Proposed by the Korea Foundation 

Project Proposal and Participation Guideline​As agreed upon in the 2nd Meeting of the Assembly in 2015, the Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDNet) will organize a pilot joint program for photographers to raise awareness of the UN development agendas. With the backdrop of the UN’s adoption of the post-2015 development agendas, i.e., the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in September 2015, the Korea Foundation proposes to organize “Photographs and the Sustainable Development Goals” as a first project of the GPDNet

 1. Objectives
   The Project aims to:
  Raise awareness of UN SDGs in the world by organizing photograph exhibitions.
  Support photographers by providing them with opportunities to deepen their experience in social photography and network

      with photographers from other countries
  2. Participants
 Professional photographers interested in SDGs especially environment improvement issues
   * The participants are not necessarily photo journalists or documentary photographers, but at least well-versed in social issues.
   * Requirements
      – 21-35 year olds with more than two years of experience in the field of professional photography
      – English competency in speaking

3. Program

 [Field Work]
Dates: June 13-June 18, 2016
Venue: Tam Thanh Village, Tam Ky City, Vietnam

Photographers will:
  – take photographs of the Village (landscape and environment) Improvement Project* in Tam Thanh Village organized by UN Habitat.
  – introduce their home countries to local elementary and secondary school students.
  – give lectures to local students on photographs
  – take photographs of the World Heritage Sites around Da Nang City.

 * Village Improvement Project
   (Related UN SDG No. 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable)
  – Organizers and Sponsors: Tam Ky City of Vietnam, UN Habitat Vietnam, International Urban Training Center
  – Dates: May-July, 2016
  – Location: Tam Thanh Village, Tam Ky City, Vietnam
  – Size of the Village: 70 households
  – Activities
   • Improve the embankment road (cleaning, planting trees, establishing light system)
   • Paint the walls of householders (mural painting)
   • Establish parking counters for bicycles
   • Set up information and exhibition counter
   • Set up sewage system
   • Set up the play grounds
  Dates: December 26, 2016 – January 26, 2017
  Venue: KF Global Center, Seoul, Korea
  Photos which will be exhibited
   – Selected photos taken during the Field Work
   – Selected photos of public diplomacy activities of the Members (preferably activities regarding UN SDGs)
   Side programs for Photographers (mid-January 2017)
   – Take lectures from experts on environment issues
   – Have talks with the public on their photography work
   – Share experience and knowledge among photographers

 * Any Member can host additional exhibition in its home country in 2017.

4. Work Plan

 [Division of Work]
“Photographs and the Environment Improvement” project development including planning and administrative work will be taken care of

     by the Korea Foundation.
 Each participating Member is encouraged to select one or two photographer(s) and notify the KF before May 10, 2016. The selection process

     will be entrusted to each participating Member.
 After the notification to the KF, KF will be in charge of contacting the photographers regarding the travel and the photo works with

     the participating Members’ assistance.
Provision by the Korea Foundation
   – Field Work
  • The photographers’ round-trip airfare (economy class) from the airport closest to the photographer’s residence to the venue;
  • Accommodation (six nights), meals and local transportation at the Field Work in Vietnam
  • The cost of organizing the Field Work
   – Exhibition in Seoul
  • Accommodation (two nights), meals and local transportation for the photographers
  • The cost of organizing the exhibition in Seoul 

  • The Members are responsible in providing the selected photographer’s round-trip airfare to Seoul to attend the side program

          of the Exhibition in January 2017.


  ​Apr. 29, 2016      Notification of intention of participation in the projects
  May 10, 2016      Notification of details of the photographers
  June 13-18, 2016     Field Work in Tam Thanh Village, Vietnam
  Jun. 25, 2016      Selected photographs taken at the Tam Thanh village will be presented at the 3rd Assembly meeting through PPT slides
  Oct. 31, 2016      Photo(on Members’ activities related to SDGs) submission deadline
  Dec. 26, 2016 – Jan. 26, 2017  Exhibition in Seoul, Korea
     * The photographers’ visit to Seoul will be in mid-January.

Participation Guideline for Members

Please read below for the options – multiple options may be chosen – to participate in the project and let us know your institution’s intention of participation by April 29, 2016.

  Members can participate by:  (* Member can choose multiple options)
    a. Dispatching a photographer to the Field Work and Exhibition arranged by the KF.
       * Members should bear expenses for the photographer’s airfare for the Exhibition in Seoul.

          The photographer’s airfare for the Field Work will be borne by the KF.
    b. Organizing the Exhibition in its home country in 2017 bearing the organizing expenses.
    c. Submitting photographs related to the Member’s own public diplomacy activities, preferably regarding UN’s SDGs by Oct. 31, 2016.


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