CADE – Academic Community for Development

The Academic Community for Development (CADE) is a Mozambican non-profit association founded in 1999 by young people and was officially recognized by the Mozambican Government in 2006. It is focused on Education projects for young people’s guidance for training, leadership, employability, entrepreneurship, as well as health and environment. CADE acts directly in Primary, Secondary schools & Universities by organizing programs and projects with national and international scope.

The actions of CADE are aimed to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Mozambicans through programs, social projects and research throughout the country that: (1) facilitate relations of exchange between national and international organizations related to the areas of education, citizenship and culture; (2) support the Government in the process of qualitative and quantitative improvement of education through the promotion of responsible citizenship actions; (3) promote education aimed at training qualified professionals for the global competition and Mobilize stakeholders in the education processes to make education a tool for the significant eradication of poverty and contribute to the construction of responsible citizenship.

CADE seeks to involve mainly young people in the struggle for the advancement of education, health, environment and consequently the country, by promoting responsible citizenship in coordination with the Mozambican Government.

Contact Information:

Phone:+258 21 303 021

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