International Peace Centre

IPC is a non-governmental organization active from 1991, (Address: Street Titova 9a/V, Sarajevo, Bosnia andHerzegovina), and registered as a legal entity.
It is exempt from VAT.
ID Number is 4200219770000.
A responsible person is a legal entity: Ibrahim Spahić (Address: Danijela Ozme 1, 71000 Sarajevo).

Official registration name: MEĐUNARODNI CENTAR ZA MIR (International Peace Centre) in the Federal Ministry of Justice BiH, Registration number 237, Book I.

The International Center for Peace is the first registered non-governmental organization for the fight for human rights, freedom and peace and operates in 1990 under the name Center for Peace together with the Civic Forum Sarajevo, and since 1991 under its own name IPC / UMCM when it launched international peace actions and the Campaign Against War and organized the most significant rallies of peace and solidarity in BiH and Europe under the motto WHY.

The International Center for Peace / IPC / UMCM in BiH and the world organizes activities dedicated to the fight for respect for individual human rights and freedom, peace, and democracy.
IPC / UMCM organizes all types of peace actions such as peace education, peace marches, peace rallies, intercultural and inter-religious conferences, colloquiums and workshops for creative dialogue, appeals and peace proclamations, an institutional struggle for the rights of all minorities and manifestations local and international plan directly related to the culture of peace and freedom of expression.
IPC / UMCM operates intergenerationally and is specifically focused on marginalized personalities and communities and inclusive social programs.
IPC / UMCM is a non-profit publishing house that publishes works in Dialogos, Memoria, Harp, Testimonials, City …
IPC / UMCM is a co-publisher with ANUBiH and the founder of the Journal of Philosophy Dialogue.
IPC / UMCM is the organizer of the Sarajevo International Winter Festival and the City Festival.
IPC / UMCM awards the International Freedom Award to individuals and institutions that contribute to peace, freedom, cultural diplomacy, and coexistence.
IPC / UMCM is a member of Bosnian, regional, Mediterranean, European, and world networks and co-founder of the Peace Network, the BJCEM Association, the European Cultural Forum, the Silk Road ART Network and informal networks in the region.
IPC / UMCM organized international conferences on the future of BiH, First Congress of Representatives of National Minorities, Campaign for Respect for Refugee Rights, conducted a Council of Europe Euroregional project “Link diversity for the renewal of citizenship and civil society in the framework of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, Sarajevo, first intercultural project city of the Council of Europe and organized by X Bijenale BJCEM.

Contact Information:

Phone:+ 387 33 266 621
Fax:+ 387 33 207 948


President Ibrahim Spahić

President Ibrahim Spahić was born in Sarajevo on the 10th of August, 1952. He completed the First Grammar School in Sarajevo and was the chairman of the 120-year-long commemoration committee. He is a graduate comparator and a theatrologist. Author, Editor, Producer, and Producer. President of the Sarajevo Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina author of the law, development strategy and resolution President of the Constitutional and Human Rights Commission, co-chair of the Foreign Policy Commission of the PSBiH, chairman of the PSBiH delegation in the IPU and three times a candidate for the BiH Presidency. He was the president of the Students Union, IPC Gallery Manager of 100 promotions of art and literature of BiH in the world.

He is a co-founder of the Kulin Ban Zenica Civic Forum and its first president. IITM President / International Institute for the Mediterranean Theater from Madrid / BiH. He is the founder and President of the First House of Europe Sarajevo. President of the Commission for Development of the BiH Cultural Strategy. President of the BiH Cultural Forum. He was an IC member and president of the European Cultural Forum in Brussels. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Biennial Association of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean / Honorary Member of PEN Center BiH / 1993 / and Sarajevo Architects Association. He was Director of the X Biennale BJCEM and the first president of the International Association of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean Biennial and Honorary President of BJCEM. The International Concert Hall for Concert hall Sarajevo with Rome and Sarajevo / President of the Jury was Zaha Hadid / Bio President of OK Euroregional Project Link Diversity Council of Europe for the Reconstruction of Citizenship and Civil Society in southeast Europe. President of the Executive Committee of the First Civil Forum in BiH, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Sarajevo Euro-region. He was president of the Business Community and the Association of Publishers and Bookstores of BiH and the Management Board of the National Theater in Sarajevo. Founder and President of the Art Collegium artistic / Austrian House and Founder of the Eko Skakavac Movement and the magazine EKO-OKO, Editor-in-Chief of WHY Human Rights Magazine, is co-author of ANUBIH and was the first director of the Journal of Philosophy “Dialogue” / 1995, He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Council of Europe Council of Culture Council and Sarajevo, chair of the European Capital of Culture 1993/94, President of the Committee Sarajevo – Council of Europe’s first intercultural city / 2003-2004 / member of the MESS Council and international jury of the film festival, theater, and literature. Member of the Board of Directors of the European Association of Festivals / EFAs. The first president of Sarajevo’s Lions Club. He is an art network in BiH, in the Balkans, in Europe and in the Mediterranean and in the world. He is a member of the UNESCO’s State Commission. Participant and organizer of the most significant peace, ecological, humanitarian initiatives, demonstrations, proclamations, and projects in BiH, Europe, and the World.

He is the recipient of numerous honors in the country and worldwide for his work on establishing intercultural dialogue, for the struggle for peace and freedom. The bearer of Ordena Vitez is art and literature. He has published poetry books “Znak”, “The Man of the Wire”, “The Sarajevo Spiders and Other Insects”. His poems are written and published in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian. His poetry was translated into English, German, French, Greek, Arabic, Macedonian, Albanian, Armenian, Polish, Italian, Slovak, Portuguese. and published in poetry choices in the world, choices from poetry books, and performed in theater directing by Ewe Grabowski with Polish artists and ballet ensembles from BiH. He has made an anthology of poetry “Harf” and Monograph “Sarajevo Winter”. He is the author of the book “Parliamentary Assembly of BiH” and “Civic Pro/vocation” and has prepared and published a book from the Link diversity symposium. He is the author of numerous books in the field of politics and art, architecture, medicine, writings on human rights, culture, politics, and international relations and participates in international human rights encounters

He is the recipient of numerous honors in the country and world for his work on establishing intercultural dialogue, for the struggle for peace and freedom and the cultural mission. There are some significant acknowledgments of the cultural institutions of BiH, the Sarajevo Prize for Sarajevo Prize, the Sarajevo Canton Prize. Honorary Citizen of the City of Montorio Al Vomano. Award Ceremony of the Tartuffo per Pace / Italy / Special Prize of the Jury of the European Theater Prize / ETP /, Juan Miro / Unesco Medal / Provider of Ordena Vitez of Art and Literature of the Republic of France, Nine Dragon Heads / South Korea / ILL International Humanities Charter, North and South / Morocco Awards